The Exquisite Birds of Ecuador

The Exquisite Birds of Ecuador


Introduction: The Exquisite Birds of Ecuador

In 2004, Howard Youth, a good friend and nature writer, made a quick trip to Ecuador to research an article he was composing. He came back raving about the birds there and strongly recommended I visit. I did a little research and was intrigued, but for whatever reason, I just did not make the trip.

Three years later, I read on the Florida Audubon internet page of a trip made by a Miami attorney who had posted many images of his trip to Ecuador. I was enthralled, and sent him an e-mail. Joel Rosenthal suggested I call him. We had a long telephone conversation and I became more and more convinced that I simply had to visit this country. Just a month later, I made my first trip down to Ecuador, with my fiancée, Christine Smith.

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