October 17, 2014 – Delaware-Otsego Audubon Society, Oneonta, NY


“Bob Mumford’s photographs of birds of Ecuador are absolutely gorgeous but his verbal presentation really made it most interesting and enlightening.”
Sally C, Norwich, NY

“Audubon members delighted in the beautifully organized presentation of birds of Ecuador with their vibrant, brilliant, amazing colors, and some with extraordinary long tail feathers and beaks. Just remembering the names of the 150 birds shown was a feat — and there are 100 more in Bob’s upcoming book.”
AS, Oneonta, NY

“Thrilled to have seen a presentation of Bob Mumford’s photos of Ecuador birds. Bob manages to capture the brilliance, magic, and beauty of the birds in their natural settings with his photographic skill and expertise. Made me feel as if I were looking over his shoulder seeing the birds myself.
SF, Franklin, NY

March 4, 2015 – Northern Virginia Bird Club, Arlington, VA

“I was impressed with the beauty and quality of Bob” photos. His patient and diligent effort in the field over many years has produced an amazing body of work.”
LM, Vienna, VA

“The stunning photos of the birds demonstrated your superb photography skills with great viewing angles, bright colors due to careful lighting , and pleasing composition for each photo. Also, your commentaries on the birds and the methods you used to take the photos were most interesting , as well as informative.”
WM, Arlington, VA

March 18, 2015 – Seven Mountains Audubon Club, Lewisburg, PA

“Not only do (Bob’s) photos show the glory of the colors and fineness of the feathers, but even the contrasting mosses and leaves of their habitat are in sharp focus. A show to relish..”
J&JP, Lewisburg, PA

April 15, 2015 – Montgomery Bird Club, Potomac, MD

“Your recent lecture at the MBC ws a great introduction to some of (Ecuador’s) most beautiful birds.”
DS, Darnestown, MD

May 20, 2015 – Anne Arundel Bird Club, Annapolis, MD

“Bob Mumford’s presentation, “The Exquisite Birds of Ecuador”, was a delight to the Anne Arundel County chapter of the Maryland Ornithological Society. Bob’s photographic and birding skill, tenacity, adventurousness, aesthetic, humor and love of nature is communicated beautifully–both in his narrative and in his spectacular photos of a dazzling variety of birds and other wildlife. He’s a terrific storyteller. Having observed his subjects as only a photographer does, he let us in on lots of curious and quirky bird behaviors we’d never get from a field guide. I highly recommend him as a lecturer.”
~ Barbara K. Johnson, Annapolis, President, Maryland Ornithological Society

October 13, 2015 – Kent County Bird Club, Chestertown, MD. “National Wildlife Refuges, National Treasures”

“Bob’s show was not only spectacularly photographed and comprehensive, it covered vast regions of the United States and inspired the audience to start planning a refuge trip!”
KO, Chestertown, MD

November 5, 2015 – Samuels Public Library, Front Royal, VA. “The Exquisite Birds of Ecuador”

“I had no idea that there is such an incredible variety of beautiful birds in Ecuador until I saw the excellent photos presented by Bob Mumford. Also, he organized his talk around the areas of Ecuador that surprisingly have quite different species. His descriptions of his field experience made me wish that I could visit Ecuador.”

December 1, 2016 – Frederick Bird Club, Frederick, MD. “A Taste of Madagascar”

“Bob Mumford’s photography is always excellent, but his recent trip to Madagascar covered so much variety that any nature lover or travel enthusiast would be delighted. His presentation highlighted not just the country’s incredible birds, but also its endemic lemurs, dazzling butterflies, curious insects and, of course, the smiling welcoming people of Madagascar.
Kathy B, Frederick Bird Club

“I enjoyed Bob’s presentation very much. He was very knowledgeable about his subject and it was well laid out and and easy to follow. His conversational tone as he led us through his travels in Madagascar made us feel like we were on the journey with him, evoking our sympathy as he described his medical and flight issues. Fantastic pictures!
Marilyn V., Frederick

March 7, 2017 – Baltimore Bird Club, Baltimore, MD. “National Wildlife Refuges, National Treasures.”

“Bob’s presentation was spectacular, a vivid sampling of photographs illustrating where to go and what to see in refuges across the USA. His lively narrative was not only entertaining and educational, but inspirational. We are now mapping out our own Eastern Coastal trip to visit some of the same sites.
Ted and Laurie Curtis, Baltimore

October 18, 2017 – Ann Arundel Bird Club, Severna Park, MD. “Beautiful Bhutan.”

“Bob never fails to inspire and awe his audience with beautiful photos and infectious enthusiasm of the regions he explores! You can be sure to learn not just about wildlife, Bob’s main focus, because Bob is a keen observer of all and he brings in people, architecture, history and fascinating quirks of culture. He is a master storyteller, Bob shares his adventures in a way that that has you laughing, gasping, and then checking your travel budget to see if you can follow in his footsteps. We at the Ann Arundel Bird Club love to see his name on the speaker list!

Barbara K. Johnson, Ann Arundel Bird Club Speaker Chair and President, Maryland Ornithological Society

January 7, 2018 – Audubon Society of Northern Virginia, National Wildlife Society building, Reston, VA, “Beautiful Bhutan”

“Thanks very much for crossing the river and presenting images of nature adventure on your birding ventures in Bhutan. Wonderful images! Great narrative! My wife and I look forward to visiting some of the spots you did, as well as, perhaps, looking for tigers in India.

VT, McLean,VA

“Bob’s presentation of well over a hundred photographs of Bhutan, its features, its people, its flowers
and concentrated on the many birds to be found there in the spring season. We were quite impressed at how
Bob recited the names and habits of these many birds from memory. His two week trip to that very
high country ( 10,000 to 12,000 foot altitude ) was a tribute to his intense interest in the bird world
and his physical and mental stamina.

Del Richie, Annapolis, MD