Finally, after weeks of reviewing, selecting and processing photos from the 4000 images brought home form the SGI trip and ten straight days of full time work on the book layout, I put the book to bed.   There were two editions: a regular cruisebook for passengers and staff who made the cruise and included photos of nearly everyone and a natural history edition that did not have the people photos, but did include six pages from Tierra del Fuego National Park.


Only three days later, the natural history edition came back by Fedex.  I was delighted by the appearance until I found to my horror that three photos had not been reproduced.  All eight books are rejects. 

I am convinced that the problem occurred with the My Publisher software installed on my comptuer, but MP denies responsibility and I will have to pay for a reorder.  Big lesson learned: review every page in a book a final time before an order is made. 

I am glad I ordered an edit copy of the cruisebook edition, as I identified a number of minor errors and decided that the cover was too “in your face” to my liking and was thus able to revise it before ordering the 16 copies that people have requested.  The reorder was made today for this edition.  The other book will be ordered when a decent deal comes out or when MP allows me to reorder at the price that was available when first ordered. 

This is all quite a process, with a huge learning curve with the MP software that caused me fits.  It wiped text four times until I was screaming obcenities at the computer screen and Chris bolted from the room!